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Anybody can “sell you something”, it’s altogether another thing for someone to “service what they sell”. Whether its questions on your income plan, 401(k) rollovers, tax calculation on your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), or service issues involving your investments, our experienced team of service experts gladly awaits the opportunity to assist you. Our goal is to make sure that our clients never have to call the big financial institutions, but rather, call us directly. That’s what I call true service!


Tony Walker Financial

Tony Walker

Owner/Founder - Fiduciary & Financial Advisor

Bowling Green/Louisville/Lexington

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Connie Fortney

401(k) Rollover Specialist & Annuity Administrator

Bowling Green

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Heather Hughes

Fiduciary & Financial Advisor

Bowling Green

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Trey Jurgens

Insurance Specialist & Digital Marketing


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Shannon Ross

Investment Account Administrator

Bowling Green

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Lisa Allerkamp

Social Security Analysis & Income Planning Administrator

Bowling Green

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Gina Tutwiler

Louisville Office Manager


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LeAnn Powell

Tax Planning Administrator

Bowling Green

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Shanna Petty

Administrative Assistant

Bowling Green

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Stella (The BRT) & Scout!

Official Stock Pickers


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Rachel Wilson

Administrative Asistant & Annuity Service

Rachel is a young professional who, outside of her duties as Administrative Assistant & Annuity Service at Tony Walker Financial, operates a successful photography business. She also enjoys traveling, being involved at church and spending time with friends and family. Rachel has been with Tony Walker financial since the beginning of 2014.

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WorryFree Productions

Aaron Orender

Production Manager

Louisville - WorryFree Productions Studios

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Megan Murphy

Technical Director & Graphics

Louisville - WorryFree Productions Studios

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